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Embassy of Australia and UN Women Lebanon sign a new Agreement
The Government of Australia renewed its commitment to gender equality through a new agreement with UN Women worth 1,500,000 AUS $ to extend humanitarian assistance to over 4,300 women, girls, men and boys from diverse backgrounds across 3 governorates. Learn more
“I see women as a source of power in mediation”
Rima is the Director of the Hasbaya Development Services Center in South Lebanon, where armed clashes have been witnessed along the Blue Line. She is one of 240 local women peacebuilders who are trained to become community mediators. Learn more
“I found solace and a sense of community”
Rajaa is an inspiring example of strength and transformation in the face of adversity. She participated in a community kitchen supported by UN Women where she received cash-for-work for 60 days. Learn more
“Mediation, to me, means building peace in a peaceful way”
Cosette is a social worker and Head of the Local Development Bureau at the municipality of Chiyah. Through training provided via the support of UN Women, she made it her mission to promote peace through her new mediation skills. Learn more
Gender Statistical Profile 2024 Cover page
Gender Statistical Profile 2024 - Lebanon

The Gender Statistical Profile (GSP) is an annual publication of the UN Women Country Office of Lebanon. It is co-branded with Gender Working Group as a collaborating partner and Sweden as the funding partner. The GSP provides an overview of gender statistics across thirteen areas related to global normative framework and indicators across the humanitarian, development and peace nexus.

A Quest for Gender Equality in Lebanon
Quest for Equality in Lebanon

Throughout this journey, we will take you through the many kinds of obstacles women in Lebanon are bound to face in their #QuestforEquality...