UN Women Lebanon
“Mediation, to me, means building peace in a peaceful way”
Cosette is a social worker and Head of the Local Development Bureau at the municipality of Chiyah. Through training provided via the support of UN Women, she made it her mission to promote peace through her new mediation skills. Learn more
“Solidarity of women is the quest needed to achieve equitable rights”
Tala is a survivor of gender-based violence and has experienced feeling unsafe in both the public and private spheres. However, through self-defense at Markazouna Center, she is turning her fear into strength. Learn more
“I found solace and a sense of community”
Rajaa is an inspiring example of strength and transformation in the face of adversity. She participated in a community kitchen supported by UN Women where she received cash-for-work for 60 days. Learn more
Take five: "Our priority is to see how aid is distributed"
Hwaida Turk is the first woman Mohafez (governor). She spoke to us about the escalation of tensions between Israel and Palestine that have displaced 20,000 people from South Lebanon, and how she is handling the humanitarian response. Learn more
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Gender and Social Inclusion Analysis of the National Poverty Targeting Programme

The National Poverty Targeting Programme is the largest regular poverty-targeted social safety net cash assistance programme in Lebanon for the poorest & most marginalized Lebanese families. A gender analysis of the NPTP was undertaken by the Ministry of Social Affairs, the World Food Programme, & UN Women between April & June 2022. The objective of this analysis was to examine how the NPTP has impacted the lives of women, girls & other marginalized people of concern & how the programme can improve its processes to ensure this assistance is safe & accessible to women & girls.

A Quest for Gender Equality in Lebanon
Quest for Equality in Lebanon

Throughout this journey, we will take you through the many kinds of obstacles women in Lebanon are bound to face in their #QuestforEquality...