UN Women Lebanon
Our Space to Race: Over 500 women and girls pound the pavements of Tripoli
In commemoration of International Women's Day, women and girls took part in an 8-kilometer run to celebrate the strides made to accelerate gender equality in Lebanon... Learn more
UN Women Appoints Joyce Azzam as its National Goodwill Ambassador for Lebanon
Joyce Azzam was announced as UN Women Lebanon National Goodwill Ambassador. The elite mountaineer, motivational speaker, and activist is a role model for women... Learn more
Local Women’s Committee leads the way in creating job opportunities for community members
Lebanon's economic crisis has led to the widening of socioeconomic and gender-based inequalities. UN Women partnered with Mouvement Social to create livelihood opportunities... Learn more
In mediation, Jana finds a way to build peace in Lebanon
After helping young girls express themselves through theater, Jana Abi Morshed is utilizing the power of mediation to resolve conflicts and promote non-violence... Learn more
Listening to Women in Politics: New report tells the stories of 7 women who broke ‘glass ceilings’
UN Women and ESCWA launched a report on women’s political participation entitled “Women at the Table: Insights from Lebanese Women in Politics”. The report analyses a set of interviews... Learn more
A Quest for Gender Equality in Lebanon
Quest for Equality in Lebanon

Throughout this journey, we will take you through the many kinds of obstacles women in Lebanon are bound to face in their #QuestforEquality...

The Time to Act for Economic Reforms Is Now – and Gender Equality is Smart-Economics

[Joint Nordic/UNW Op-ed on IMF Reforms and Equality]

When women work, economies grow. Lebanon has a host of well-educated and talented women; empowering them to participate equally in the economic recovery presents an opportunity that Lebanon cannot afford to miss – it is “smart economics”...