UN Women Lebanon
“It is our right to know the fate of our loved ones who disappeared”
Nada's sought out psychological services to help her to deal with the trauma of the Lebanese civil war and build hope for the future... Learn more
Calling on media organizations to ensure the inclusive participation of women
A joint statement in response shedding light on the important role media organizations can play in encouraging broad and inclusive participation of women in political life... Learn more
“The absence of violence is not the end of war”
Roy is a Lebanese psychotherapist providing psychosocial support and therapy to women affected by the Lebanese Civil War...  Learn more
“I am learning how to turn my anger into something more positive”
Aisha has been able to begin the long journey of facing her trauma and finding a way to build a more positive future... Learn more
A Quest for Gender Equality in Lebanon
Quest for Equality in Lebanon

Throughout this journey, we will take you through the many kinds of obstacles women in Lebanon are bound to face in their #QuestforEquality...

OP-ed Header IWD 2022
Climate justice requires gender justice: a call to action for leaders in Lebanon this International Women’s Day

Today, March 8, International Women’s Day we celebrate women in Lebanon who are leading the fight against environmental degradation and climate change, working to build a more sustainable future for the country, and the global community.