Impact of Lebanon's Financial Crisis on Women's Economic Empowerment

Impact of Lebanon's Financial Crisis on Women's Economic Participation - Publication Front Cover
This brief synthesizes findings from statistically representative data on women’s economic participation from before the crisis (2018 and 2019) and during the crisis (2022) to develop a more complete picture of the ways in which the crisis has impacted women at work. The analysis discusses the gendered economic impact of the crisis on four different populations in Lebanon: Lebanese, Syrians, migrants and Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon (PRL), comparing the prevailing trends specific to men and women of each population group, as well as the ways in which findings per population intersect. In specific, the briefing asks: What are the gendered impacts of the crisis on key indicators of labour market status, including women's and men’s labour force participation, employment-to-population rates, unemployment rates, wages, informal employment, and main sectors of work?

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